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Community Programs

Street Warriors

Street Warriors is a faith-based youth program for young adults ages 14 to 24. Developed in response to the rising number of youth engaged in destructive behaviors, the program is designed to redirect youth through positive peer engagement and mentorship.

Recognizing young people as our future, and that future as now, we prayerfully envision a youth-led, Christ-centered restoration of faith, hope, and healing in our communities. Through a multi-generational approach, we seek to raise up an army of street warriors for Christ by equipping them through discipleship, evangelism, and community service.

Sunday School
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Youth Explosion

Freedom Cities Awakenings' Youth Explosion is an innovative event-based initiative aimed at bridging generational gaps.


Developed from the original Freedom Cities Awakenings' revival model, Youth Explosions are designed to awaken the spirit of young attendees. A positive space to engage in fellowship and faith-based community programming, the events have proven to be an effective outreach tool. 

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Freedom Cities Awakenings' revivals are a series of public events aimed at positively changing communities. With a shared vision and collaborative approach, ministry leaders unite to proactively lead 

community members to establish, reclaim, or restore their faith. 

An opportunity for fellowship, engagement, and healing, Freedom Cities Awakenings' revivals continue to be a powerful force in the community.

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